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Download EBOOK Jayson: A New Collection PDF for free

Download EBOOK Jayson: A New Collection PDF for free Autor: Jeff Krell
ISBN-13: 9780965632317
Publisher: Ignitel Entertainment
Publisher date: 4/1/1997
Format: PDF, EPUB
File size: 599 KB
Language: English

Description of the book "Jayson: A New Collection":

Since 1982, Jayson Callowhill has been searching for happiness in the contemporary gay ghetto. Along the way he's met a card-carrying fag-hag named Arena Stage, a cross-dressing pornographer named Robyn Ricketts, and a succession of men who've broken his heart - but not his spirit.

This new collection follows Jayson's rise from six-panel featurette in the Philadelphia Gay News to national prominence in Gay Comix, Meatmen, and beyond. Here you'll find all the stories that inspired the sensational new Jayson musical - and then some! Like Superhero Jayson... Spaceman Jayson... even Straight-boy Jayson PDF! Plus never-before-seen "lost" episodes from Arena's spinoff strip!

The cartoon once dismissed as "retrograde" is now the hippest strip in town. Could it be that the world has finally caught up with Jayson?

Jayson reflects the experiences of the "gay everyman." He's not a drop-dead gorgeous superhunk, he's just kind of average. He faces common dilemmas: he has trouble finding a boyfriend, his budget is always stretched to the limit, and he's frustrated in the employment department-in short, he's like the majority of us. And most importantly, he isn't obsessed with sex PDF, looks, or himself, except to the degree that he struggles with a subculture that tells him he should be. —Ron Romanovsky &- Paul Phillips, singer-songwriter-activists
Download Jayson: A New Collection PDF

Download Jayson: A New Collection PDF

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