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Download EBOOK Hope for Hashimoto's PDF for free

Download EBOOK Hope for Hashimoto's PDF for free Autor: Alexander Haskell
ISBN-13: 9781452854717
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publisher date: 1/21/2011
Format: PDF, EPUB
File size: 324 KB
Language: English

Description of the book "Hope for Hashimoto's":

Scientific proof is the platform upon which an effective treatment plan is build. Without proof we are subjected to speculation and quackery.

Reviewing articles from over 70 medical journals and medical texts, Dr. Haskell clearly explains the cause of Hashimotos.

If you think that thyroid antibodies are attacking, inflaming and destroying your thyroid you have been brainwashed with misinformation.

"Hashimotos is not the cause of thyroid inflammation, it is the result..." and to effectively treat Hashimotos and to reduce thyroid antibodies you must treat the cause which is thyroid inflammation.

Illness doesn't happen overnight. You don't suddenly wake up one morning PDF with Hashimotos. Every single disease develops in stages over years and even decades.

Hashimotos is no different. In Hope For Hashimotos, Dr. Haskell describes in detail the step-by-step development of thyroid inflammation which leads to Hashimotos and "if we understand the origin of a disease and treat this origin, then the condition will recede, will reverse itself."

Yet with Hashimotos, this reversal can be challenging. Here's the reason why.

Most people with Hashimotos have not felt well for a long time, maybe 10-20 years. They've been to several physicians and even tried alternative medicine PDF. But then one day someone finally does a blood test to find positive thyroid antibodies. Now they have the diagnosis of Hashimotos.
They think this must explain the reason why they feel the way they do and they fall under the illusion that all their problems and symptoms are due to Hashimotos.

In medicine we are blinded by linear thinking. Here is the diagnosis and here is the pill or supplement or psychological origin.

I have Hashimotos. Give me anything to make it go away, and we grasp for straws. We want to believe in something, anyone who claims they know PDF of a cure.

People are desperately searching for something they haven't been able to find. No wonder there are one million google searches for Hashimotos each and every day.

And what are people searching for?

They want to know why they have Hashimotos and what they can do because their physicians are ignorant and don't have the answers.

But unless you know the science and research behind Hashimotos you will gather a lot of misinformation and come in contact with a lot of quacks offering a single approach or product.

And you fall into the trap of PDF these wolves wanting something from you at your expense, often selling products that can do more harm than good.

To treat Hashimotos, to reduce thyroid inflammation and thyroid antibodies, requires a broad approach using specific supplements, nutrition and often pharmacy.

And even then, even when the person's thyroid inflammation is lowered, there are often other contributing factors causing symptoms unrelated to their thyroid antibodies. These can be low progesterone, low cortisol, poor gut ecology, a chronic infection such as chronic sinusitis, and many others.

This is why it is an illusion for the person with Hashimotos to think PDF that their feeling unwell is solely to the thyroid antibodies. This is often a difficult concept for people to acknowledge.

Dr. Haskell's book is evidence of an effective, holistic approach, incorporating the best from both alternative and orthodox medicine, the way we all chronic conditions should be handled.

Every suggestion for the treatment of Hashimotos is broken down into 3 phases. It is an honest, science based, and practical account of how to treat Hashimotos by reducing thyroid inflammation.

We suggest before you consider purchasing this book that you view a series of videos we've produced on PDF the subject of Hashimotos. These can be viewed on our site at

Download Hope for Hashimoto's PDF

Download Hope for Hashimoto's PDF

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