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Download EBOOK Gulliver's Travels / Edition 1 PDF for free

Download EBOOK Gulliver's Travels
/ Edition 1 PDF for free Autor: Jonathan Swift
ISBN-13: 9780783897356
Publisher: Gale Group
Publisher date: 1/28/2002
Format: PDF, EPUB
File size: 6.71 MB
Language: English

Description of the book "Gulliver's Travels / Edition 1":

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"Neither are any wars so furious and bloody, or of so long a continuance, as those occasioned by difference in opinion, especially if it be in things indifferent." —Gulliver's Travels

Shipwrecked and cast adrift, English surgeon Lemuel Gulliver wakes to find himself on Lilliput, an island inhabited by little people, whose height makes their quarrels over fashion and fame seem ridiculous. His subsequent encounters—with the crude giants of Brobdingnag, the philosophical Houyhnhnms, and the brutish Yahoos—give him new, bitter insights into human behavior. Jonathan Swift's satire views mankind in a distorted PDF hall of mirrors as a diminished, magnified, and finally bestial species, presenting us with an uncompromising reflection of ourselves. Gulliver's Travels is a fascinating blend of travelogue, realizm, symbolism, and fantastic voyage—all with a serious philosophical intent.

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The voyages of an Englishman carry him to such strange places as Lilliput, where people are six inches tall- Brobdingnag, a land of giants- an island of sorcerers- and a country ruled by horses.

Download Gulliver's Travels
/ Edition 1 PDF

Download Gulliver's Travels
/ Edition 1 PDF

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