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Download EBOOK Frankenstein (Qualitas Classics) PDF for free

Download EBOOK Frankenstein (Qualitas Classics) PDF for free Autor: Mary Shelley
ISBN-13: 9781897093511
Publisher: Qualitas Publishing
Publisher date: 5/1/2012
Format: PDF, EPUB
File size: 230 KB
Language: English

Description of the book "Frankenstein (Qualitas Classics)":

Frankenstein (also titled The Modern Prometheus but now generally referred to as Frankenstein), was written by Mary Shelley and first published anonymously in 1818. The title makes reference to one of the novel's main characters, a scientist named Victor Frankenstein, who learns how to create life. The monster itself has mistakenly been referred to as "Frankenstein", after its creator. The being Frankenstein creates is formed from pieces of buried remains that are brought to life with a spark of electricity. Intended to be made in the image of man, the being turns out to be larger than average and more powerful PDF. The saga becomes increasingly frightening as man loses control over beast. The story has become a classic and stands as a leader in the horror genre. This publication of Frankenstein is part of the Qualitas Classics Fireside Series, where pure, ageless classics are presented in clean, easy to read reprints. For a complete list of titles, see:

A monster assembled by a scientist from parts of dead bodies develops a mind of his own as he learns to loathe himself and hate his creator.

Download Frankenstein (Qualitas Classics) PDF

Download Frankenstein (Qualitas Classics) PDF

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