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Download EBOOK Franchising / Edition 4 PDF for free

Download EBOOK Franchising
/ Edition 4 PDF for free Autor: Richard J. Judd
ISBN-13: 9780759367050
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publisher date: 12/14/2007
Format: PDF, EPUB
File size: 973 KB
Language: English

Description of the book "Franchising / Edition 4":

This book is written for students of franchising as well as franchisors, franchisees or prospective franchisees. A three part perspective is developed throughout the book concerning the franchisor-franchisee relationship: first, a franchisor and franchisee are independent business people who must manage their separate business affairs- second, the franchisor and franchisee are dependent upon each other in order to be successful in business- and third, the franchisor-franchisee relationship brings with it an interdependent contractual obligation that is legally binding upon both parties.
Download Franchising
/ Edition 4 PDF

Download Franchising
/ Edition 4 PDF

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