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Download EBOOK 'Twixt Land and Sea PDF for free

Download EBOOK 'Twixt Land and Sea PDF for free Autor: Joseph Conrad
ISBN-13: 9780521871266
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publisher date: 5/26/2008
Format: PDF, EPUB
File size: 2.16 MB
Language: English

Description of the book "'Twixt Land and Sea":

"[...]dared say I would give him a cup of coffee presently.
"I am afraid you will have a poor breakfast," I cried apologetically. "We have been sixty-one days at sea, you know."
A quiet little laugh, with a "That'll be all right, Captain," was his answer. All this, words, intonation, the glimpsed attitude of the man in the cuddy, had an unexpected character, a something friendly in it-propitiatory. And my surprise was not diminished thereby. What did this call mean? Was it the sign of some dark design against my commercial innocence?
Ah! These commercial interests PDF-spoiling the finest life under the sun. Why must the sea be used for trade-and for war as well? Why kill and traffic on it, pursuing selfish aims of no great importance after all? It would have been so much nicer just to sail about with here and there a port and a bit of land to stretch one's legs on, buy a few books and get a change of cooking for a while. But, living in a world more or less homicidal and desperately mercantile, it was plainly my duty to make the best of its PDF opportunities.
My owners' letter had left it to me, as I have said before, to do my best for[...]".
Download 'Twixt Land and Sea PDF

Download 'Twixt Land and Sea PDF

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